Monday, January 16, 2012

I woke up this morning and like most days went straight to my cell phone for my morning emails, texts etc.  But today I was looking for something more, my closest and dearest friend Cheryl Rybak was sitting at Cardinal Glennon hospital waiting while her 9 year old son, Kyle Rybak has open heart surgery.  This morning is not a NORMAL day for this family.   They had to be at the hospital at 5am and surgery began at around 7am.   They were told that he would be done around 1pm.   6 hours of sitting and waiting.   My heart is heavy for what this family is going through today, this has hit home for me.  Not only is Cheryl my closest friend, but Kyle and Danny are really close as well.  they play basketball on the same team and love to hang out.   We feel like they are a part of our family, they are a part of my everyday life.   I talk to and or see Cheryl almost everyday of the week and most of the time more than I see or talk to my own family.   I guess the reason for my post is as you begin the hustle and bustle of your normal crazy day, STOP, say a prayer for all those who need it, and Thank GOD for all you have and the health of you and your family.  I know all day today I have been thanking the good LORD for all I have and asking him to take care of those who are in need of him today and everyday.  

I am happy to report that as of 1:00pm Kyle is out of Surgery, off the bypass machine and moving to PICU.  He is still on a ventilator and hoping to get him off this by the end of the day.  I'm rooting for you Kyle!   I know you will come out of this stronger than ever.  Love you guys!   

to follow Kyle's progress click here    Kyle Rybak

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's only been 3 years :0

Wow! How time does fly! I decided to start blogging again after reading a couple funny ones over the last few days and I did not realize it had been almost 3 years. It really doesn't seem that long since I'm still scrap booking that darn trip, oh I hope to get it finished soon.

Well in 3 years A LOT has happened, but the short of it is that Emily is in 3rd grade at Emge and loving her new friends. She plays soccer for Lou Fusz Soccer Club and Basketball for St. Joe's. Danny is in Th grade at Emge and having a blast with his new friends . He plays basketball for the high school feeder team Jr. Bulldogs. Bailey she is in Th grade and final year at Lewis & Clark. She hangs out with her BFF Haley and can not fathom they will be separated next year in middle school. She is playing soccer for Norco soccer club, and Volleyball for the Renaud Center.

Now lets see what's next.........................................................

Friday, September 04, 2009

It's been awhile :0

Wow! we have not blogged since our Disney trip. I guess face book has kind of taken that spot. We had a great summer and have started our new school year. Bailey is now a 3rd grader and has moved to Lewis & Clark Elem., Danny is the big kid on the block at St. Peters Elem in 2nd grade, Emily well she is now a full day student at St. Peters also in 1st grade. So far they are loving the teaches. Danny has started the 3 week of school at home with pneumonia. which really stinks but he is at the start of recovery phase. Bailey had a GREAT birthday. Hard to believe that she is a big 9 year old this year. We spent the weekend of her birthday with some friends from soccer at their lake house. Tons of fun.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Days 1- 4 from Bailey

Day one friday 2/20/09

I went to Hollywood Stuios. We saw the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectaculiar, Star Tours, Honey I
Shrank to Audience, and Journey into Narnia. My favorite was Indiana Jones because a lot of stuff blew up.

Day two Saturday 2/21/09

We went to Epcot. Mom and Danny went to the doctor becuase they were sick. Danny had Croop, and Mom had Bronchitis. We went on Test Track, Mission Space, Spaceship Earth, Soarin. Mom and Danny met up with us later that day, and we went on Test Track again, Mission Space and fireworks.

day three Sunday 2/22/09

We went to Animal Kingdom. We went on the Camp Minnie and Mickey, petting zoo, Kilimanjaro Safari, Expedition Everest and Dad and I ate at Rainforest Cafe. My favorite was Expedition Everest.

Day four Monday 2/23/09

Emily came down with Strep throat, and we stayed at the hotel and played in the arcade. I won 284 points. I bought 11 more Disney pins. My favorite is Pirate Chip. I have 19 pins in all.

day five Tuesday 2/24/09

We went to Magic Kingdom. I lost me bag at Rainforest Cafe and today we had to go to lost and found to pick it up. We went to Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Cinderella's Castle, watched the parade, Swiss Family Treehouse, Magic Carpet, Enchanted Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribean, and a carousel. My favorite thing was Splash Mountain.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 2- Epcot- Jeanne's post

Well our morning started with Danny up at 5:30am crying that his throat hurt him, he could not breath, and burning up with a fever. I call the front desk to find out our doctor options. Well you see there is this awesome company that will pick us up at our hotel, take us the the urgent care, order our prescription, drop us back at the hotel and then deliver our med's all for a low fee of $5.

PERFECT cause we have no car! Danny and I head down at 8am (that is what time it starts) Shuttle picks us up, we get to urgent care. THEY DON'T TAKE INSURANCE! Okay what are my options???? NOTHING, okay starting price of the visit $295. SEE US. He now has a 104. fever.
Test for strep, negative. It's croup. They give him a dose of steroids. Oh yeah, when we arrived I was going to be seen also cause I have been coughing my head off all night (but not at this price). Now I am also burning up with fever. At this point our bill is almost $400.00.
Prescriptions :) So the company doing the med's, they do not take insurance either. My question where is Walgreen's?? 2 blocks down the road. Will you fax the order over so that when we get there it will be ready?? NO- we don't do that. Danny and I and our fevers head to Walgreen's. Upon arrival I ask the guy for the pharmacy phone number cause I am going to get some med's for my (what I feel like is bronchitis). Call the doctor and he called in a script.
I arrive at the drop off window and the pharmacist informs me he is the ONLY one working today please come back in 2 hours. WHAT? I am at a hotel I can't come back, so we wait. In the mean time we purchase Tylenol (child and adult), Motrin (child and adult), a thermometer and we wait. YEAH we are ready! it is now 12:30 PM. We walk 2 blocks back to the urgent care and head back to the hotel. FEVERS ARE 102.8 for Danny and 103.5 for me. NAPS! We break our fevers and head to grab food (we have not eaten yet today). We head to meet Dan, Bailey and Emily at Epcot. It is now 4:00 so we were limited but checked out the Test Track (very cool), Nemo & Friends (kids did not like), Mission Space (VERY COOL), Space Ship Earth (I liked, Danny said it was just OKAY). That was about all we had time for so we headed back to the room for a good nights sleep.
Tomorrow will be a much better day!!!!!!